If you are looking for the ultimate ownership experience with your BMW, then the European Delivery program may be just the ticket. BMW's European Delivery Program combines the excitement of exploring Europe with the thrill of driving one of the world's premier performance automobiles. Say good-bye to the timetables of trains and tour buses. The distance between destinations that you once endured now becomes an exciting adventure never to be forgotten.

Most BMW models can be picked up just a stone's throw away from where they were built. This fantastic opportunity to not only see the factories and work centers within the BMW world but a complete immersion into BMWs operations will open your eyes to what it truly means to own "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

In the direct vicinity of the corporate headquarters, the Munich Plant, the BMW museum and the Olympiapark, a vision has become reality. Here, in the north of Munich where the heart of BMW has been beating for 90 years, you will encounter a diversity of themes to inspire you: when picking up your car, you will experience the latest models, the newest technological developments, the vivid history of BMW, restaurants, shops, special offers for children and much more.

Benefits You Can't Ignore

By taking European Delivery, you can realize substantial savings on the purchase price of your new BMW.

Vacation opportunity
Many BMW European Delivery customers use the trip to Munich as a starting point for a European driving vacation. And, the lower purchase price might even pay for the entire vacation! With multiple approved drop-off locations throughout Europe, you can enjoy great flexibility.

Travel convenience
Driving your own BMW means traveling on your own terms. Simply go where you please, when you please, and at your own pace.

A memorable BMW driving experience
BMW is practically synonymous with the autobahn. You can experience the world's most famous roads in the world's most revered performance luxury automobile.

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